Editor, The Beacon:

America has become grotesque. That’s obvious on the big stage and unfortunately beginning to assert close to home. Appeals for inclusion come off much more like exhibitionist demands for deference. Victim and bully in the same pose.

It works: Corporations and institutions quail in the path of mean tweets. Advertisers flee any entity suspected of impure thoughts. Bud Lite hires a rude parody of a woman to sell their beer. Whoops!

In fact, a lot of businesses are already eroded by their own green troops. Just sprung from enlightened universities, they come furious with the miracle they inherited and ready to fix it. But their fix often gets costly for their employer.

Maybe most discouraging is the willful destruction of the military, in part by its own exotic recruiting efforts. Imagine Sgt. RuPaul inspecting fresh recruits … “Did you pluck your eyebrows this morning, Dogface?! Yeah, well, next time stand a little closer to the tweezers!”

Anyway, all this is fiddling while the place burns. Our country has elected to damn itself, and we’ll all be witnesses! So try to kick back and enjoy the show. There’s microwave popcorn, and beer in the box.

Brad Mason



  1. You are so right, America has become grotesque, it has gone from a land that was welcoming and freedom loving, and has become a land in which just being your authentic self is a capital offence.

    I too am a Brad Mason, and I do not support your views of exclusion!


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