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RALLY — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is shown surrounded by students in Miami April 22 at a Freedom From Indoctrination event. PHOTO COURTESY FLORIDA GOVERNOR’S OFFICE

Editor, The Beacon:

In his recent letter (Beacon, April 27-May 3), John DiChiara says (DeSantis) “skillfully guided Florida through the COVID crisis.” Florida ranked third nationally in total deaths. With DeSantis’ “skills” and a few more blind adherents, Florida could have led the nation in deaths.

Tyrants, like most bullies, create “issues” to justify their questionable behavior. DeSantis’ main whipping boy seems to be “Woke.” But, in court, his lawyers could not define it. Despite this inability, he continues to mention “Woke” in all his appearances.

His apologist Mr. DiChiara says that he (DeSantis) is not a book-banner because he was just re-elected by a landslide. What kind of backside logic is that?

He also applauds the assertion that DeSantis’ minions are definers of pornography and know better than teachers, librarians and SCOTUS which books are appropriate for schools.

Despite pictures of the governor surrounded by sign-holding elementary-school kids, the governor’s defender claims DeSantis is against indoctrination of students. The irony escapes him, apparently!

Critical race theory is an elective course for some law schools. It has not and probably will never be taught in elementary or secondary school or in college. Mr. DiChiara can’t/doesn’t define it, but he spits out invective to minds that are less than inquiring.

Mr. DiChiara complains about racism being taught, but he gives no examples. I can give two recent ones: A white toddler waved at me in the food market. His mother glared at me, picked him up, and turned her back. In my gym, another toddler hailed me as I passed. Her mother glared at her. I’ve passed at least three times since, and the child never raises her head.

I’m 90! I’m Black! I wonder what lesson those toddlers were taught? Maybe CRT?

Julius Bennett



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