Editor, The Beacon:

Here is another suggestion to prevent illegal turns. Turn the block or blocks into a pedestrian mall, to force traffic to go around the Woodland Boulevard and New York Avenue intersection completely.

It’s aggravating to have a stream of pedestrians going from Chess Park to Artisan Alley or, on the other side of New York Avenue, going from Boston Coffee to the parking lot at The Dreka Theater.

There’s always folks cutting across the boulevard at Georgia Avenue, and those impatient folks fudging the walk light at Indiana Avenue.

Use Clara and Amelia avenues and Howry and Rich avenues to route traffic. It’s an idea, since the Downtown is more and more constricted; eliminating parking on those streets would allow more sidewalk cafes, keep the vibrations of traffic from wearing down our historic buildings’ aging architecture, and keep exhaust volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from eroding storefronts. Just my humble opinion.

Mark B. Knowlton



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