Editor, The Beacon:

When the top 1 percent of American families have approximately one-third of the country’s wealth, it is incumbent upon that group to maintain the status quo. Their wealth was derived from usurping the world’s natural resources and creating financial and banking regulations favorable to the result.

Wealth is power, able to sway politicians and groups favorable to those people to stay in a position of power … and more wealth.

Two strategies are used to promote this group of people’s agenda: First is divide and conquer. Second is the magician’s sleight of hand to distract everyone with superfluous agendas while completing their real objective.

Hot-button issues like pro-life vs. pro-choice, pro-gun vs. gun safety, immigration, LGBT rights, book banning, and school subjects and ideals banned, while interesting, are a smoke screen to hide the fact that everyone’s rights are being eliminated.

The Constitution of the United States is being shredded, but only certain parts are being preserved to promote this group’s agenda.

The population is chasing its tail, oblivious to what is transpiring right under our noses.

Gun lobbyists, white supremacists, extreme right-wing Christians, politicians, and even the Republican Party are pawns in the chess game that is manipulating their actions.

To move attention to actions more relevant to changing world conditions would upset the delicately created balance of finance and continued use of fossil fuels and Earth’s other resources that maintain the wealth and power of these individuals.

These individuals are determined that innovations such as wind and solar power, hydrogen use, or other forms of power not yet visualized, will not be allowed to happen.

The Republican Party, especially red-state-controlled, after initiating draconian laws, would like to drag us back to the 19th century. They fail to realize they are only being used as well.

The Democratic Party realizes the value of addressing the looming issues of global warming, rising seas, the need to attend to the welfare of the people instead of powerful people running roughshod over everyone else’s right while preserving their own.

There is only one Earth. We must restore it to a habitable planet. We must stand up against the forces that would destroy it and us.

Tom Walker

DeLeon Springs



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