dont say gay bill
PHOTO COURTESY NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA Protesters fought what they called the "don't say gay" bill during the legislative session.

Editor, The Beacon:

I am addressing this letter to all the moderates and progressives in Florida who are letting the conservatives-bordering-on-fascists do all the hollering these days, and not enough of us “others,” who for some reason are either appalled into silence or paralyzed by fear that honest expression could generate retaliation by what seems to be the “side” with the biggest mouth. I’m a hopeful person, and I am not mute.

Seven-hundred-million people did not vote for Donald Trump almost four years ago. I had faith then in this country’s ability to foresee the lunacy of another four years with that dangerous clown in the highest office in the land.

Ron DeSantis, a Trump wannabe, is probably more dangerous than Donald Trump. So far, he doesn’t appear to be a felon, and he looks squeaky clean, but if one listens to his stance on minority groups, from the Black to the LGBTQ+ communities, on women’s rights to control their own bodies, on what books should or should not be in school libraries or in public libraries, it appears he is at least as dangerous as Trump, if not so clownish.

Could DeSantis be the reason “the other” — moderates and liberals/progressives — are mute in the light of the terrible legislation he and his ilk have recently managed to push through the Florida Legislature?

Do we all want to live in a fascist state/country? We are headed in that direction if we believe the noisiest voices being polled, interviewed and championed, and, if we remain mute, we surely will be goose-stepping down Woodland Boulevard in DeLand, and in front of our nation’s Capitol.

I say “unmute yourselves!” Live your values, your very life, out loud! And vote every chance you get — big or little, every election counts.

Judy Raymond



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