Editor, The Beacon:

Chickens! I have neighbors with chickens, and none bother me. I can’t smell them, and I can’t hear the noise inside my house.

That being said, some of my neighbors do have roosters (one got out one time, and I thought about having it over for dinner, but that was only once and I don’t think they have it any longer); however, they are not close enough that I can hear them inside.

I personally would rather hear chickens clucking than the high-power machinery or recreation vehicles around the neighborhood. I am glad you increased the number and doubly glad that Mr. and Mrs. Pescha were there to address some of your concerns. Eggs can also be frozen and used in cooking, such as baking, and if folks are selling those eggs, or wish to, is there not an agriculture permit they can get where there are standards that need to be followed?

I do think that there should be inspections of chicken coops and containment areas, as well as health inspections to ensure the chickens are healthy.

And, Commissioner Avila-Vazquez, you spoke about the number of people filling the chambers to complain about the chicken ordinance. Why are they more important than those who pack the house to complain about a new development that will impact their current zoning and may adversely affect their community? Hmmmm.

Kathy Bryan



  1. Not everyone has good experiences having chickens as neighbors. In my neighborhood since the chickens arrived we now have every predator the Great state of Florida has to offer including but not limited to chicken hawks which have come after my puppy. Coyotes, snakes, and foxes none of which had I seen in the 20 years before the chickens arrived. In addition to that the chicken coop / house that has been erected is not adequate for the heat here in Florida and when the chickens die, they do stink to high heavens.


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