Editor, The Beacon:

Here is common sense. You are a ruler over a country. Keep your own people happy and worry-free first. Keep prices down, to where common folks, who are the backbone of the country, can afford. Common folks … the working class.

Lay off the elders, and keep them worry-free. Social Security is theirs. It is their right … not an entitlement. Did they not work for it?

Keep your hands out of Social Security. Keep elders healthy, and give more to Medicare.

We pay enough taxes to give more to the military, teachers, police and common folks, the working class, raises in the jobs they do.

But no, the greedy politicians want more for themselves. Let the politicians work for $10 per hour and live in a two-bedroom house up to the roof in debt because they cannot afford electricity, food, gas for their automobile or health insurance. These politicians’ constituents work to buy gas to go to work.

And see how the rest of us have to live in a country that is supposed to have plenty.

Plenty of what? Worry.

The Rev. Allen Austin



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