AFTERNOON RIDE — Jim Ardito, husband of St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop Alliance President Maggie Ardito, is shown riding past a sign demarcating the Pat Northey 5K trail segment, named for former Volusia County Council Member Pat Northey. PHOTO COURTESY MAGGIE ARDITO

Editor, The Beacon:

With the recent dedication of the new SunRail station in DeLand, it makes safe walking and biking options to Downtown even more urgent. At this point, when it opens for service in 2024, people will be risking their lives to reach our restaurants, stores, museums, theaters and festivals.

In a recent Daytona Beach News-Journal article, Roby Greenwald, a public health professor at Georgia State University, states, “We already hit the point of diminishing returns. We’re going to have to examine other transportation modes that make it easier or else we’re just going to have to deal with increased congestion, traffic fatalities and air pollution emissions.”

With a new mayor at our helm, along with an almost complete turnover on the County Council, there might be a chance to change course and create walkable and transit-friendly communities? Your great-, great-grandchildren will thank you!

Joyce Palmer



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