Editor, The Beacon:
As a nation, our populace should demand, for president, a person of honesty, integrity and loyalty to the country. The person becoming president must take an oath to protect against enemies, foreign and domestic.

Unfortunately, two of the candidates residing in Florida fail to possess the virtues previously described.

One while married chose to have liaisons with a porn star and a Playboy bunny. He is currently being investigated in New York for tax issues.

He has been found guilty of abuse of a woman and defamation of character of the same. He is also being investigated for instigating the interruption of the orderly, constitutional change of power on Jan. 6, 2021. Is this the type of individual we as a nation want to represent us to the world?

If I had wanted to run for public office, because of the Hatch Act I would have had to resign my position as a mail carrier. Gov. Ron, with a supermajority in the Florida Legislature, changed the law to allow himself to remain governor and campaign for president too.

He has proved his vindictiveness by causing a feud with the largest employer in Florida over one word. He has attempted to break the teachers union and ultimately eliminate the public school system in favor of private schools that will be forced to teach his agenda.

His vitriol against immigrants and the LGBT community is obvious because of the laws he has been able to ramrod through the Florida Legislature.

Take a good hard look at these candidates, their character and what they stand for, really stand for. Neither one is running for president to improve the condition of the citizens or the country’s position in the world. They are only interested in furthering their own interests.

Gov. Ron has aligned with Elon Musk, a billionaire. Musk has business dealings with China, an adversary of the U.S., to produce lithium batteries for his cars, because the largest deposits of the mineral are located there.

DeSantis is already granting favors to Musk in the form of a bill passing through the Florida Legislature to limit or eliminate liability for SpaceX, Musk’s company.

If, God forbid, Gov. Ron becomes president and has to pledge an oath to protect the U.S. against enemies foreign and domestic, will he really? Will he side with China and Musk? Ron has already produced legislation against China purchasing real estate in Florida. Will he make it stick? Where will his true allegiance lie?

Neither of these candidates is fit to wear the mantle of commander in chief.

– Tom Walker, DeLeon Springs


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