Editor, The Beacon:

Florida Congressional District 7 suffers from cultural and intellectual poverty manifested in the lack of quality and integrity of the elected representatives. Webster Barnaby is a coward. He issued a debate challenge and refused my acceptance. Cory Mills is a MAGA totalitarian authoritarian. Neither serves the broad interests of the 750,000 people who make up the district.

Robert Wilson


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Raised in Miami Beach, Margie moved to DeLand after graduating from Florida State University. She has a master's degree in community mental-health counseling, and retired after 12 years in substance-abuse treatment. Having worked at the DeLand Sun News during the 1980s, Margie came to The Beacon in 2002 in search of a second career. She helps the reporters; compiles obituaries, the calendar of events and religion news; and deals with a mountain of emails each day. Margie is the proud Nana to two grandchildren, Sophia and Alex.


  1. I would agree with all of that. For me it has nothing to do with party affiliation as I think both of the major political parties are horrible and cult-like. For the republicans and democrats alike, it is all about the next mostly manufactured hot button issue that keeps us divided and them in the spotlight. Both parties are about taxing and spending and screwing the working class. We live in the worst kind of a socialist society where the harder you work the more you are penalized through higher taxes and the harder you work the less you are able to take advantage of programs and services that you are forced to help fund for others. Right here in good ol Volusia County a young hard working person wishing to purchase or build a new home will be forced to pay over $9,200 in impact fees and I have younger friends who are paying as much as $8,800 a year ($733.33 a month) for property taxes when many of us are paying next to nothing, and in some cases nothing, in comparison. What is mind blowing here is, many of those who pay very low property taxes, because of their various property tax breaks, will lobby our County and local politicians to take from those who are paying the most so the money taken can be given away to the charities they choose and/or for the amenities they want. We certainly do not live in the Land of the Free and our type of Capitalism certainly is not working for our young working class who we so desperately need. When you think about the republican and democrat cult-like parties, consider the issues that have gone decades without being solved from healthcare to immigration and so much in between. And what about those term limits that have been talked about forever?


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