Editor, The Beacon:

We recently constructed a new home in the city of DeLand, which included a pool. Our Certificate of Occupancy was issued April 10. Several days later, I received our utility bill for February and March (prior to moving in) showing water usage of 14,000 gallons.

Hoping to get a reduced rate, I went to the City with documents showing that the pool company had used 13,395 gallons of water to fill the pool, leaving 605 gallons of actual usage that was used to water the new trees, based on the city’s requirements. I was told they could not figure my discount until they had an “average” of my usage; I’m not sure what that had to do with filling the pool.

My biggest issue is why was I charged a sewer usage of $49.70, when most of the water did not go into the sewer? I finally received a credit for $29.82 that I believe was a discounted rate for bulk water. But what about the sewer “usage” charge? It’s unbelievable that I was charged a “sewer usage” before I was even moved in, after paying more than $8,000 in city impact fees.

Joe Barber




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