Pictured is the Old Jail at 130 W. New York Ave. in Downtown DeLand.
Five years after the City of DeLand signed an agreement with local developer GlassHouse Square LLC t

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  1. Now it the time to change course and to give the citizens and businesses what their downtown desperately needs and that is a nice sized open space / town square. Every great City was built around a great open space. Remove the old jail building and create an outdoor open space venue that could be used daily for routine recreational activities and during special events.

  2. 100% should be a city greenspace for events, an amphitheater or farmers market location. Build out the old Putnam property first and give the city residents a space they can use.

  3. How about a bar. or a coffee house, or a place that’s really eclectic and sells homemade soap, candles, aroma therapy oils, and little burlap bags with twigs and spices in them


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