Editor, The Beacon:

If you ask yourself what is wrong with America today, you are asking yourself the wrong question.

There can’t be anything wrong with America because America does not exist.

It has never existed.

America has always been (and still is) a dream, a desire, a hope for perfection that simply does not exist.

America is like Heaven, Shangri-La, Utopia, Paradise, Nirvana, and any other idyllic, heartwarming, comforting, existentially pleasing idea. Those places don’t exist, and neither does America.

It will never exist.

We should stop pretending that it does.

We should stop arguing about the meaning of America because it will always boil down to a subjective hodgepodge of personal absolutism.

When politicians use America as a battle cry (aka Cory Mills), they are grandstanding.

It’s not substantive, it’s manipulative.

Flag-waving is not a virtue. Condemning a neighbor for not being like your reflection in the mirror is not a virtue. Exploiting and oppressing members of your community is not a virtue.

The question is not what’s wrong with America.

The question is what’s wrong with you.

R. Wilson



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