Planet Earth - ecology concept, global warming concept, the effect of environment climate change. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Editor, The Beacon:

I went to bed last night thinking about the news report that listed our eastern seacoast ocean temp at 90 degrees.

Can fish survive at that temperature? Where is the 5-degree cooling effect of ocean breezes?

Why is the world’s average temperature at 62 degrees? Is this normal?

Are the burning skies and forests, the severe drought, once-mighty rivers drying up, and the East Coast floods a harbinger of more deadly disasters to come?

Or are the scientists wrong?

The GOP (fascist traitors) party line says these events “… Mirror the typical trends …”

What climate-denying BS!

The world has been in severe peril for years from climate change and GOP politicians continue to deny its rapid approach.

Julius Bennett



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