Gov. Ron DeSantis

Editor, The Beacon:

I believe great leaders know and accept the risks and disadvantages that accompany their choices. When leaders show belief and confidence in their choices, they inspire others to do the same. I must regard our governor in this context.

He knew when he chose to run for the U.S. presidency that Florida law required him to resign his governorship. So he hedged his bet by signing into law his escape should he fail to win the nomination of his party. Running for high office consumes most of his days. So much so that the leadership needed to deal with the important things Floridians want and need is a secondary consideration at best.

Floridians know their priorities are being neglected while his campaign priorities get his time and attention. This is why the earlier prohibitions were put in place.

The reason for this choice is clear: DeSantis does not believe he will win the nomination, much less the presidency. It reveals a serious character flaw in our governor. He is willing to shortchange Floridians to his advantage. He does not deserve my vote.

Bob Brooks



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