We are similar, but not the same. We have basic needs, but individual wants. Our goals may or may not be different, but our outcomes will be the same. We are born and our lives end, each and every one of us.

Our characters will be influenced by people and events outside of ourselves, and our own inherent nature. This will influence how we interact with others.

Recognizing our differences is one thing, being OK with them is another. As much as we could not expect to agree with all of the opinions of anyone else, it would be futile to expect anyone to agree with all of ours.

By accepting our differences, we diminish the necessity for defending our opinions, and the exertion of energy challenging the opinions of others. Certainly, we should always make room for civil discussion.

Through consideration of another’s opinion, we can gain perspective we may not have otherwise entertained.

We can at least strive to understand another point of view. We may then better appreciate that perspective, and reduce the need to strongly defend our own. Perhaps we can look for ways to adjust to one another.

There will be situations when disagreement seems inconsolable. This is when we hold to our center, knowing that peace is better, love is better, being kind and considerate is better. Not giving up our truth.

All storms pass. Every tantrum subsides. Living with adversity is not what we do outside of ourselves, but what we do and who we are inside. We do not need to add to adversity. We bend like the reed, still rooted.

Incidentally, I write publicly not so much to move humanity in any particular direction, but in hopes of preventing rationality from losing ground to absurdity.

— Jordan, of DeLand, is the owner, with his wife, Mercedes, of Jordan Health Clinic & Day Spa.


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