A Volusia County sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to a Deltona home at about 6:30 in the evening regarding a disturbance.

An ex-wife and ex-husband had been arguing, and the ex-wife had broken some items, including a mug. Ex-husband said his Ex-Wife “had been drinking and became very aggressive.”

However, neither party showed signs of physical violence, so the deputy left.

Less than two hours later, the deputy was called back to Deltona. The same ExHusband said that after the lawman left, Ex-Wife “became increasingly aggressive towards him.” She had “insisted that no one could stop her from being aggressive and that she could do whatever she wanted.”

Ex-Wife destroyed a number of items and “even threw a glass vase onto the ground, causing glass shards to strike [Ex-Husband] on the front of his leg.” (I know a woman who slams doors when she’s angry, but this Ex-Wife is definitely worse.)

Ex-Wife “eventually threw another vase onto the ground, hitting [Ex-Husband] on the back of his [other] leg with glass shards.”

Then Ex-Wife went to her bedroom, still irate, and she pushed her dresser over. The dresser hit the couple’s son on his hand and caused “an abrasion on his finger.”

The deputy saw a laceration on each of ExHusband’s legs, but Ex-Wife denied ever making physical contact with Ex-Husband (although she “later expressed that she intentionally threw the glass vase at [Ex-Husband]”).

Based on all the evidence and information he had, the deputy arrested Ex-Wife on a misdemeanor charge of battery and a felony charge of child abuse without great bodily harm. (Looks like her bite is at least as bad as her bark!)


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