Summer is in full swing, as evidenced by the soaring temperatures and stifling humidity.

Even though many people may want to drink more than eat — as the calories in solid food may seem to keep them warmer — they still have to take in nourishment. Hunger, the pangs in the void of the torso that demands to be filled with something substantial and tasty, is ever-present.

Food distributions offered by charities, churches, and other nonprofit groups help fill the vacuum, especially for those who have difficulty obtaining the nutrition vital to sustain health and even life itself.

While more people may have more money, many find the cash they have does not purchase as much food as it did in prior times. Food distributions provided by other people who give of themselves may be the difference between feeling hungry and feeling satisfied.

A Deltona-based grassroots group known as the Nitty-Gritty True Talk Ministries, partnered with Florida FarmShare, provided food June 16. The first-come/first-served drive-thru food giveaway at the Centro Internacional de la Familia (formerly Deltona Lakes Baptist Church) drew more than 100 cars and more than 300 families in need. Nitty-Gritty True Talk Ministries President Elizabeth Chavez said her group also delivered food to one person who was “bed-bound” and unable to come to the food drop at the church.

Food items given freely to those who came included pasta, spaghetti sauce, rice, chicken and grapes.


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