SITTING DUCK — Two Muscovy ducks make their home at Earl Brown Park. BEACON PHOTO/MARSHA MCLAUGHLIN

Editor, The Beacon:

Reading the July 20-26 issue of The West Volusia Beacon, I was saddened to read that the City of DeLand views its Muscovy ducks as a problem. I walk daily on the path at the beautiful Earl Brown Park and, at times, through Painter’s Pond Park. At no time have I encountered the duck excrement that is purported to be an underlying issue for those wanting removal of the ducks.

The ducks are fun to look at and quite willing to share their natural space with humans. Even if there is duck excrement here or there, I consider it a small price to pay in exchange for the mosquito control the ducks provide (cost and chemically free!). The Muscovy duck is the best duck for mosquito control because it consumes both mosquito larvae and adults.

As most know, mosquito-borne diseases include malaria and various types of encephalitis. The ducks also eat roaches and flies.

I vote in favor of having the ducks remain productive residents of DeLand. Just don’t feed them.

Perhaps the city should post signs requesting that, and impose fines on any violators who fail to read or heed the signs.

Sighle Mleziva



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