A little after 10 on a hot August night, a fellow was in his SUV at the drive-thru of a fast-food restaurant in Deltona. The 19-year-old woman working at the window said the driver “seemed very agitated and was rude to her, snatching his debit card from her as she returned it to him.”

When she was handing him two drinks that he’d ordered, “she spilled one by accident causing it to spill into the driver’s [vehicle] on his floor.”

The driver angrily threw his other drink at the employee, which got her shirt wet.

(I’m assuming neither of these drinks was steaming-hot coffee, which would have made the whole soggy mess more unpleasant and dangerous.)

Law-enforcement databases in the area showed an SUV matching the one that Mr. Drink-Tosser was driving, and his license plate was visible. However, it wasn’t a valid tag. This, coupled with the fact that sheriff’s deputies didn’t have a good description of the guy, meant they couldn’t locate the fellow.

But what about the information from his debit card when he paid for his order? Wouldn’t that ID him?

Tossing a drink at someone is really lousy manners.


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