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Three companies are preparing to land in the DeLand Sport Aviation Village, a year-round commerce park on 40 acres on the east side of DeLand Municipal Airport. Three more tenants could be landing in quick succession behind them.

Airport officials would not name the companies or say where they are from, since the lease contracts have not been inked. But with the village’s infrastructure now in place, it won’t be long before the leases are signed, said Jana Filip, the city’s sport-aviation administrator.

The Sport Aviation Village is being developed in four stages, with infrastructure now in place for sites in Phases 1A and 1B.

Phase 1A will consist of six hangars, ranging from 5,400 to 6,600 square feet each, built by their tenants near several existing hangars. Phase 1B will see the addition of about 30 city-built T-hangars and several more hangars built by lessees, said Airport Manager John Eiff.

“The hangars’ sizes are still to be determined,” Eiff said. “They could be larger, depending on what the customers want.”

Except for the city-built T-hangars, tenants will be responsible for constructing their own hangars on property they lease from the city. The aviation village is adjacent to the airport’s runways, making it a practical place to conduct flight operations, including test and demonstration flights, Filip said.

“The Sport Aviation Village provides strategic advantages and special support for businesses related to homebuilding and sport aviation,” she said. “It will be a premier location for recreational-aircraft manufacturers, dealers, owners, and enthusiasts.”

Already a major commerce center for the parachute industry and home to some of the world’s largest producers of sport parachutes, MT Propeller USA, and more, DeLand Municipal Airport will create a similar center for recreational-aircraft manufacturers, dealers, and owners with the addition of the Sport Aviation Village, Filip said.

“Affordable real estate, workforce availability, and low cost of operations are just some of the benefits for tenants of the Sport Aviation Village,” Filip said. “The City of DeLand is offering expedited permitting and inspections, as well as tax refunds and credits in some cases. In addition, the temperate climate and the quality of life in the area will make it easy for companies to recruit a reliable workforce, making the village a great place for a business to locate, relocate, or expand.”

More information about the Sport Aviation Village and applications for tenancy are available online at www.sportaviationshowcase.com/village, by emailing filipj@deland.org, or by calling her directly at 386-626-7241.


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