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 “A New Horizon on the Hill” was this year’s theme for the 17th annual TURN Festival and Job Fair in DeLand’s Spring Hill neighborhood Sept. 14. 

The festival’s name stands for “to unite, rebuild and network.” 

This year’s expansion of the event allowed for the community to unite, taste a variety of great food, be entertained by local talent, meet inspiring authors, learn of the work of community organizations, and honor those who enhance the lives of others every day with their selfless efforts. 

“Every year, I look forward to the opportunity to share music with the Spring Hill community,” singer Neferwi Hall said. “The TURN Festival brings together the residents of DeLand, and neighboring Volusians, with delicious food, live musical performances, and fun activities for all ages. It’s a family affair full of friendship and fellowship.” 

Exceptional Community Partner Awards and Good Neighbors Awards were presented to several individuals and organizations. 

These awards showcased those who continue to celebrate and support the community. 

A large number of service organizations were present to help and to provide the community with information about healthy living. 

Shilretha Dixon, executive director of the Spring Hill Resource Center, and her team, worked tirelessly to enhance the opportunities presented at this year’s festival. This included the well-organized job fair that attracted a large number of individuals seeking employment. 

“This was my second year attending the TURN Festival, and I was very happy to see how many people came out and supported the event. I spent most of my afternoon as a featured author in the literacy corner, but I also enjoyed talking with a few attendees that came for the job fair, which was an awesome addition to the festival,” DeLandite Ann-Marie Cornwall-Garden said.

She added, “The more we continue to bridge the gap between the residents and resources, the more we will build as a community.” 

With the new Spring Hill Resource Center being built in Spring Hill, expect bigger and better in the years to come. To be involved or learn more, call 386-740-0808. 

— Cameron, a longtime educator, lives in Orange City. Send email to cameronchronicleslive@gmail.com. 



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