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Are you ready to be inspired?

Gateway Center for the Arts in DeBary wants to inspire the community and keep the creative juices flowing during this struggling time with COVID-19.

As a way to keep focused on the beauty in life through the diversity of the arts, Gateway is offering creative challenges for as long as it takes for social distancing to end.

Challenges will be different types of media, including painting, drawing, sculpting, video-creating and more. There is no limit to the imagination.

Pieces that are able to be displayed will be shown in Gateway’s gallery in late summer or early fall. Some challenges will be video challenges that will be displayed creatively in a gallery setting.

We have already started receiving submissions from the first and second challenges. What an inspirational way to kick off the 2020-21 year at Gateway Center for the Arts!

Gateway Challenge 1 — Sparked by Gateway artist Bill Moran — Start with an artist who inspires you, and try to replicate a masterpiece but veer off onto your own variation for a completely original work. It can be 

any size or medium, and whatever inspires you; there is no time limit!

To add to the fun, artists can send pictures of their process to Terri at thoag@gatewaycenterforthearts.org. The images will go out to everyone on social media so everyone can share in the process!

Gateway Challenge 2 — Let’s think of something inspirational. It could be an item in your home, a photograph or a flower in your yard. Anything that lights up your life. You can use any medium or size as long as it is easy to hang. The images will go out to everyone on social media so our patrons can share in the process.

Gateway Challenge 3 — Sparked by Gateway actors Delaney Smart and Emma Jansen, create a monologue from a favorite Gateway play that you were in. If you have never been in a Gateway play, feel free to create your own. It can involve friends, family members … anyone you are in quarantine with! All videos will be viewed before being posted. Please use your discretion when filming. For participants under age 18, a consent form will be attached for permission!

For more information, contact Terri Hoag, assistant director, at thoag@gatewaycenterforthearts.org or

386-668-5553 orwww.gatewaycenterforthearts.org.



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