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I write in support of Cresswind DeLand.

I am writing on behalf of members of Lake Park Ventures, who own the land where Cresswind is planned to the east of Lake Winnemissett.

Many members of Lake Park Ventures live on the lake, and we share a common interest in protecting the ecological, biological and hydrological integrity of Lake Winnemissett, including its natural features, wildlife and recreational values. Thus, we are extremely pleased with the proposed Declaration of Perpetual Conservation Easement and Restrictive Covenants to be recorded upon sale of the property. This will protect the lake forever and ever.

I can’t imagine another development that would have less impact on public services than a private, gated, retirement community that maintains its own roads, sidewalks, streetlights, water, sewer, drainage, parks, recreation, street trees and the like at no expense to the city.

Cresswind DeLand will pay full city taxes, but the city will have no responsibility to maintain the private roads, etc. What a sweet deal for the city and the other taxpayers of Volusia County!

At this point in time, it is crystal clear that Beresford Avenue Extension is absolutely necessary to alleviate traffic congestion on State Road 44. That is precisely why this road project made it to the top of the list for the half-cent sales tax. Regrettably, that initiative failed, so we are now counting on private development to fund construction of the only viable alternative to S.R. 44. I supported the half-cent sales tax and am pleased to report that it passed in the city of DeLand. Unfortunately, we were outvoted by the other residents of Volusia County.

Cresswind DeLand will contribute more than $3 million in impact fees to help pay for Beresford Avenue Extension and will generate much less traffic than a traditional single-family residential development.

According to the Institute of Transportation Engineers, traditional “single-family detached housing” generates 9.44 trips per day, including 0.74 trips at the morning peak hour and 0.99 trips at the evening peak hour. In contrast, “senior adult housing – detached” generates 3.70 trips per day, including 0.20 trips at morning peak hour and 0.30 trips at evening peak hour. That is a huge difference!

I encourage everyone to learn more about the benefits of age-restricted communities. Here is a link to an article titled: “Approving 55+ Housing: Facts That Matter” published by the National Association of Home Builders:


Imagine what the Gateway to DeLand could look like with the demographics to support high-end commercial development like Colonial Town Center or Winter Park Village. It doesn’t have to be another Walmart, Wawa or Dollar General next to the interchange. It could be something special that we can all be proud to call home.

We look forward to working with Kolter Homes to make Cresswind DeLand the premier retirement community in Central Florida. We look forward to welcoming our new neighbors with a shared vision for preserving the scenic beauty of Lake Winnemissett.

Stand back, Lake Mary and Heathrow; welcome home to Cresswind DeLand!

— De Parry is an attorney in private practice in DeLand who has lived on Lake Winnemissett since 1989. She built her first house ever in 1992 on Lake Winnemissett Drive, and plans to live there for the rest of her life with her husband and noted artist, Dan Allen Gunderson. Her firm, Astrid de Parry, P.A., concentrates in the areas of probate, estate planning and guardianship.



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