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Editor, The Beacon:

We want to extend our congratulations to Georgia Turner for being named recently to the “Visit Florida” board of directors. We can’t think of anyone more qualified or better suited to that role than Georgia Turner and, of course, this is nothing but great news for West Volusia.

Georgia understands the unique qualities that exist here in West Volusia. We are an area of exceptional ecology, stunning beauty, deep history, quaint communities, and imaginative art, dining and shopping opportunities.  Georgia appreciates this uniqueness, and has captured it perfectly in the West Volusia Tourism Advertising Authority’s logo “Old Florida, New Vibe.” That’s us!

As an all-volunteer organization with a $0 advertising budget, the DeLeon Springs Community Association Inc. so appreciates everything Georgia and her staff at WVTAA do to promote our community as an excellent ecotourism destination to share with visitors. This brings economic opportunities to our businesses while tourists leave a small footprint on our natural treasures.

Nobody works harder than Georgia. She puts so much of herself personally into what she does, and her passion for this area and sharing it with others is infectious.

Congratulations again to Georgia Turner for her appointment, and to our West Volusia area for having such excellent representation now on the “Visit Florida” board. 

Thank you,

Amy K. Munizzi, President

DeLeon Springs Community Association Inc.



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