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Three aircraft were severely damaged at DeLand Municipal Airport after a storm producing gusts of more than 70 mph ripped through north DeLand Thursday night.

At around 6:35 p.m., the storm, which produced a wind gust of up to 72 miles per hour according to a National Weather Service station at the airport, flipped one plane upside down and severely damaged two others. Several other planes sustained minor damage from flying debris.

Three T-Hangars at the airport had doors pushed in and the doors of other hangars were lifted up off their tracks. Damage, however, was minimal and the city’s facilities crews had mostly repaired all of the buildings by mid-morning.

City crews have also canvassed the surrounding area for any additional damage but mostly observed downed limbs. Residents within the city limits who had downed limbs from Thursday’s storm should place any vegetative debris on the side of the road but also please contact Public Works at 386-626-7195 so it can be addressed.

– City of DeLand Community Information Specialist Chris Graham

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