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Editor, The Beacon:

I would like to put out there that during such a time as this, we should all be community-minded. After the tornado in DeLand, many people were traumatized, searching for family members, trying to get home or staring at the tree that buried their car, like me.

When I was finally able to make my way through all of the chaos and destruction to get a ride, I was even more pained by the behavior of the DeLand Police Department!

We were all in a state of shock and confused, most of us in anticipation of what we may find when we came home. On the way home, which took us nearly two hours to travel six blocks, we encountered angry, belligerent, bullying, mouthy police officers.

Not one of our city officers had any decency or compassion. They were virtually standing in the street fighting traffic, screaming, cussing and yelling at people, making them feel stupid, scaring them and causing friction among traffic. This behavior is appalling to say the least.

The city helpers who are not police officers were kind and directive and compassionate, and tried to answer questions. Electric-company workers and tree trimmers all were kind and showed compassion.

The DeLand Police Department was nothing less than a disgrace. My entire neighborhood is speaking about the horrific behavior they displayed, the way they treated people, and the hatred that they threw out at each of us in our community.

Two of my older neighbors called the nonemergency number to find out some information, and they were treated very horribly and were told that the police were too busy basically to be bothered with them.

We are supposed to respond to them with respect? We were all traumatized. And to be treated that way because maybe they didn’t know if it was their turn to go, or not sure if they could turn right or left, or what to do.

What a disgusting display they put on, and I am not the only one that’s discussing their behavior. My entire neighborhood is in awe of their behavior.

Heather Mirino



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