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Editor, The Beacon: 

I wish to thank all those who supported my campaign for Volusia County chair, and especially those 15,000-plus who cast their ballots for me. 

Regrettably this was not enough to advance me to November. Now we must make a choice between the two remaining candidates. 

After giving this some thought and discussion, I have decided that there is a candidate who understands my vision on the issues I promoted throughout my campaign. 

The importance of being a champion for Volusia County. While not having all the answers but having the ability to know the right person or resource for the task at hand and ensuring they are supported by the chair. 

It is important that the county takes measures to promote social justice by determining areas where there might be perceived or actual issues that do not provide equal treatment to all citizens. Then provide to the residents of Volusia County the steps that will be taken to eliminate any perception of discrepancies. 

A person who has worked behind the scenes to get things done not looking for recognition but in the interest of serving the community.  

Vision is important as it informs those you wish to serve what you hope to do in the office you seek. 

Which brings us to what might be the most important aspect of hiring a person for a job, Can they get it done? It takes experience, a person who on day one will be able to take the seat of the Volusia County chair and begin conducting the business of the County Council from the start. 

I am asking those 15,000- plus voters first to ensure that they are signed up for vote by mail at http:// www.volusiaelections.org/ ElectionInformation/absenteerequest.htm; ensure they vote from the bottom of the ballot to the top, as there are many important races that often get forgotten in our haste to vote for the top of the ballot; and vote for Deb Denys for Volusia County chair. 

Gerard Witman 



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