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Editor, The Beacon: 

President Trump said flatly, explicitly and unambiguously on Fox News that he intends to destroy the United States Postal Service because he believes that if American citizens are allowed to vote absentee/by mail, he will lose the election.

That was a direct challenge to the patriotism and courage of the American people in general, and to the American Congress and military in particular. It was a challenge heard everywhere around the world. And the world is watching and listening to learn what happens next.

President Trump has said explicitly, “This is America’s ‘Rubicon,’ and I have crossed it. Call me ‘Caesar,’ call me ‘Emperor,’ or call me ‘President for Life.’ It doesn’t matter. What matters is that henceforth, America itself must be called a dictatorship.”

Your move, senators. Will you raise your hands, palm outward, and say “Hail, Caesar”? Or will you take up the arms of oversight, legislation and denunciation to defend our democracy? That’s your choice.

All the “deal-making” the president is throwing out now is just artless dodging, and you know it.

I and my fellow Floridians will do our part by (a) voting early, (b) writing and calling our elected officials, (c) supporting our supervisor of elections in efforts to provide drop boxes and staff in-person voting, and (d) urging our friends and neighbors to do the same.

We’re going to fight. Are you going to lead?

Wayne Dickson



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