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Gov. Ron DeSantis took actions Sept. 30 that will help prevent renters and mortgage-holders from being evicted through the end of this year, and giving local governments another month to be able to meet virtually and not in person.

The evictions delay is the result of federal action. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently enacted a nationwide residential-evictions order that provides federal eviction relief to people who submit a valid statement to their landlord regarding their inability to pay rent, the governor’s office said.

Gov. DeSantis had provided a limited extension of state eviction relief to people affected by the COVID-19 emergency. But he allowed the executive order pertaining to the state’s mortgage foreclosure and eviction relief to expire to avoid any confusion over whether the CDC’s evictions order should apply in a particular circumstance.

The CDC’s evictions order expires Dec. 31, 2020, unless extended by that agency.

Regarding local government meetings, the state recently entered Phase 3 of the governor’s plan for Florida’s recovery from COVID-19. A new executive order by DeSantis assists the transition by providing local government bodies with an additional one-month period to conduct their meetings virtually.

Local government bodies should prepare to meet in-person as required by Florida law beginning Nov. 1, 2020, according to the new order.

This new executive order does not apply to election canvassing boards, the governor’s order states.


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