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Editor, The Beacon:

I took my first ride in the Trump Train on Sept. 11 with my 11-year-old grandson. It was anything but the good fun time I had promised him.

The evilness in non-Trump supporters was absolutely out of control. So much so, I’d never seen such a look of shock on this boy’s face.

I explained to him that this was totally unacceptable behavior in any situation; to which he replied, “I know, Grandma.”

His 11-year-old self was ashamed of what he witnessed. How sad is that! Especially, the lovely lady on Glenwood Road who stood on the edge of the road, shooting the finger and screaming at the top of her lungs “F— Trump” to every single solitary car that went by. 

That was about 40 times!! That was real classy!

We smiled, waved, said “God Bless America,” and carried on. Not one word of malice has ever been uttered by anyone in the Trump Train. 

The nastiness of the opposing party is just that — nasty! 

God Help America!

Ginny Cox



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