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 Editor, The Beacon: 

In a letter from Maria Dardano, she asked “Why do some Americans still support Trump?” If I may, I will always support the conservative Republican candidate and elected official, because like them, I believe in and support: 

The rule of law; the need for law enforcement; the military; and proper punishment for crimes; 

The Constitution and all it stands for, especially the Second and 10th Amendments; 

That all lives matter, including and especially the unborn; 

“In God We Trust,” if we care about the future of the United States of America; 

Never dishonoring the flag or the national anthem; 

Promoting energy independence through fossil fuels, exploration and new energy sources; 

Keeping health care as a private industry, while government health care, Medicare, Medicaid and the VA continue with proper regulations; 

Closed borders to illegals, for a long list of really good reasons; 

Strengthen and enlarge ICE; 

Keep and protect the Electoral College; 

Promote growth and capitalism; 

Encourage and support minority-owned business; 

Curb government growth and oversight; 

And evaluate “entitlement” programs and foreign money giveaways. 

President Trump was elected because he was not a career politician. In addition and most importantly, he was elected because of the previous administration’s mantra: “We are going to fundamentally change America,” and they meant it and gave it their best effort. 

That’s why we elected a man who loves this 224-year-old country and its people, and wants it great for every American citizen for generations to come. 

Instead of repeating sound bites of hatred, hard feelings and lies, perhaps one should take a look at his actual record and accomplishments. 

He’s had to work hard and be hard because the Washington establishment considers him an outsider. How dare he come into “their” world and start changing the way things are done! 

Constance Blackwell 



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