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Editor, The Beacon: 

I know many of us are experiencing some level of pandemic fatigue. To say we’re eager to get back to normal is an understatement. Whether you’re missing friends and family, or annoyed at how our lives have changed, remember, we are all in the same boat. 

What’s important is that we remember the little things we need to do to slow the virus and protect those who are compromised in our community, while we wait for the experts to deliver the vaccines: Wear a mask, social distance, etc. 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has announced his plan to roll out the vaccine very soon, with our senior-care facilities and health care professionals being the first to receive the shot. 

This is good news, and really an amazing scientific achievement for our best-in-class domestic biopharmaceutical companies. 

However, it will likely be February at the very earliest when we start vaccinating essential workers such as teachers and law enforcement, who are a part of DeSantis’ second wave, and months longer before the general population has access. 

Now that our biopharmaceutical companies have delivered a solution, I am urging all Floridians to stay vigilant and not grow complacent. We will save thousands of lives if we do. 

Jim Franks 



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