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Sometimes, in life, a name can really fit — just seems to sing

That truly was the case with Dr. Martin Luther King

A man of regal bearing, with a noble point of view

All are created equal — there should be no “me” or “you”

Our lives, instead, should be lived with the point of view that we

Will do our best to live our lives in perfect harmony

The dream he had is now our dream, and we must truly strive

To smile and work together, and to keep our dream alive

Though taken well before his time, his words live on, it seems

As different colored mommies sit, and watch their kids with dreams

That friendships keep on growing strong without those shades of gray

No light or dark, here in the park — just clear joy as they play!

His words and dreams live on and grow and thrive inside our souls

Equality and caring seem to be our common goals

The rainbow of all people is the joy of which we sing

And all began with simple dreams… of Martin Luther King!

Patricia J. Locke



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