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The City of DeBary has been designated Bike Friendly Community of the Year by the Florida Bike Association.

The awards are presented annually by the Association to recipients for their contributions to bicycling. Through their education and advocacy programs, the Florida Bike Association encourages more people to bicycle and create great places to ride. The purpose of the awards is to bring attention to the efforts and achievements of groups, organizations and individuals that help shape the Association’s vision for all Florida bicyclists to be safe, respected and encouraged to bicycle for transportation and recreation.

“It is an honor to recognize the City of DeBary as one of our award recipients” stated Becky Afonso Executive Director of Florida Bike Association. “The city is becoming a mecca for cyclists, serving as a trail hub for the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop, the Coast to Coast Connector, the Lake Monroe Loop and the Heart of Florida regional SUN Trail. It is especially note-worthy that the city established a Mobility Plan with connections that are bicycle and pedestrian friendly.”

DeBary is the trail hub for the three major Central Florida trails: The Coast to Coast, The Heart of Florida, and the St. Johns River to Sea Loop. It the only location where all three trails converge. Maggie Ardito of the St. Johns River to Sea Loop Alliance nominated the City for the award.

“Our Mayor and City Council have prioritized increasing bike trails in our community, making DeBary the ideal place for bike enthusiasts” stated City Manager Carmen Rosamonda. “As the “Trail Hub”, our residents, from their back door have access to over 660 miles of trails, riding their bike to St. Petersburg, Titusville, St. Augustine or Ocala. The new communities being developed have included trails that help link our residents to the major trails that converge in our City. We are honored to be recognized for these efforts and look forward to hosting all bicyclists that enjoy an Old Florida experience.”

— City of DeBary Public Information Officer Shari Simmans


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