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A longtime exhibitor at the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase has opened a branch location on the DeLand Municipal Airport.

AeroSport has opened in a hangar at the Mustang Point Aerodrome on the airport campus, in a space shared with Rachel’s Jewelry.

AeroSport currently operates a flight school in DeLand, and is offering some light sport-aircraft maintenance on mostly an appointment-only basis, said Daniela Knoll, who owns the business with husband Jeremy Knoll.

The initial flight training features the BushCat Light Sport aircraft and will focus at first on LSA/Sport Pilot Training, but will probably expand to Private Pilot training in the future, Knoll said.

“It’s still baby steps in DeLand,” Knoll told The Beacon in a phone interview from Illinois, where AeroSport will remain headquartered. “The flight school is already in operation with some CFIs [certified flight instructors] on staff, but we are looking for more.”

More maintenance work and parts supplies are coming soon, as well, she said.

“Eventually, we’ll be a full-time operation once we’re up and running,” she said. “Currently, a lot is by appointment only.”

AeroSport is your one-stop shop for your aviation needs, especially related to Light Sport Aircraft. AeroSport offers Light Sport Aircraft Sales and Maintenance, is an authorized Independent Rotax Service Center, and Dealer of several types of avionics and equipment,” says the company’s website. “AeroSport is proud to be the U.S. distributor of the BushCat Light Sport Aircraft manufactured by Rainbow SkyReach (PTY) Ltd.”

AeroSport will continue to be based in Wonder Lake, Illinois, near the Wisconsin state line. (The company’s mailing address actually is in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.) The operation in DeLand is an expansion of the company’s operations, Knoll said.

WHAT THEY SELL AND SERVICE This is a BushCat, one make of aircraft sold by AeroSport, a flight school, aircraft dealer and maintenance provider that recently opened a branch on the DeLand Municipal Airport. AeroSport has been, and will continue to be, an exhibitor in the annual DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase.

The couple own a townhome in Daytona Beach and will continue to be part of the Sport Aviation Showcase, so the expansion to DeLand “just makes sense,” she said.

It doesn’t hurt that the DeLand airport doesn’t have a control tower, making flight training easier, she added.

When AeroSport fully takes off, it will also offer avionics sales and Light Sport maintenance. It’s also a dealer for the affordable BushCat and the Sling Aircraft series.

AeroSport has been an extremely loyal exhibitor and has displayed at all four of our prior Showcases, and have already committed for the fifth annual Showcase to be held Nov. 11-13, 2021,” said Jana Filip, sport aviation administrator on the DeLand Municipal Airport.

AeroSport is at 921 Biscayne Blvd., Hangar E16, on the DeLand airport. It can be reached at info@aerosportplanes.com or 888-211-1773. The website is www.fly-aerosport.com.


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