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SunRail survey question 1

Among 53 people who responded to The Beacon’s SunRail survey posted recently on social media, 46 said they would either begin using SunRail, or use it more often, if there was a DeLand station. Most of the survey respondents aren’t riders now. Only two said they ride SunRail frequently. Also, our respondents aren’t necessarily looking for a ride to work. Among the 53, a total of 38 said they would use SunRail for leisure travel, while 10 said they would use it for both work and fun. Asked for the No. 1 reason they don’t use SunRail now, the largest group — 24 respondents — said it’s because the train doesn’t run on the weekends. You haven’t missed your chance to take part in the survey. Find it on our Facebook page and on our Twitter page.


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