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An open letter to Gov. Ronald DeSantis:

I really have not recovered from the shock of national broadcast news and newspapers reporting that Florida’s governor had “set aside” thousands of vials of COVID-19 doses specifically for folks who reside in “affluent Florida ZIP codes.” 

Add to that the searing sight of our American flag, along with the Capitol building, being desecrated on Jan. 6, adding another permanent scar to our history.

Yet here again you are using the muscle of your office to do as you please — rules regarding the American flag be damned:

Section 7m of the U.S. Flag Code authorizes a governor to place the American flag at half-staff upon the death of a present or former government official or the death of a member of the Armed Forces from the state who is killed while serving on active duty.

Listening to Rush Limbaugh 40-plus years ago when he began his radio career, he underscored that he was catering only to the rich and those who were as far right as possible. Just as we listen to whomever we choose in our homes, listening to Limbaugh was a personal choice. Those who foster racial hatred, homophobia and all other phobias are the Limbaugh crowd and one’s personal choice to listen.

I’m wondering if your recent behavior is your way of letting the “alt-right” folks know you’re in their ballpark? 

While America is trying to heal and find solace with one another, I find your behavior (placing the American flag at half-staff for Limbaugh) is indeed shortsighted and a tragedy for all Floridians.

Pat Bennett



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