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West Volusia Artists Inc. is featuring Mark Knowlton as our April Artist of the Month. His tooled leather collection Lions in Season is on display at the Wayne G. Sanborn Activity Center in DeLand through the end of April.

Art is defined as “the expression or application of creative skill and imagination producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” Knowlton’s work follows that train of thought. Each section took 32 hours to complete, which included tooling and adding color with markers.

Knowlton was born in Ohio and came to reside in DeLand after a period of time in Tallahassee. His art interest came from his father and grandfather, who painted with oils and watercolors, respectively. However, he began with woodcarving in high school and studied architecture in college. Like many people, he was influenced by Bob Ross.

Knowlton has been working with leather for more than 30 years. His suggestion for beginning artists is to “keep at it. The more you do, the more you learn.” In his spare time, he volunteers at church, does woodworking, builds furniture, camps, and is a range safety officer.

Knowlton joined West Volusia Artists last fall after seeing an article in the newspaper. The group meets 9 a.m.-noon on the first and third Fridays, September through May, at the Sanborn Center, 815 S. Alabama Ave. in DeLand. Area artists meet to draw, paint and socialize.

West Volusia Artists also has art shows, goes on museum trips, and has art demonstrations and plein-air outings.

Call Judy Rowlett, president, at 386-738-5515 for more information, or visit www.sanborncenter.com and search “Ongoing Activities.”


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