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PHOTOS: Deltona Halifax Health has new imaging center

Call it a move toward greater transparency. Halifax Health has all-new, state-of-the-art machines and the people to run them, and they can see through you.

Radiology Associates has opened a branch of its practice in a wing of the Deltona Halifax hospital.

“We’re hoping that it serves the community well,” Dr. Roy Siragusa, president of Radiology Associates, said at the grand opening of the practice.

“We always get top-of-the line equipment,” he added, as he led tours of the facility and showed off the advanced diagnostic devices.

Magnetic-resonance imaging (MRI) and computed-axial tomography scanning — better known as a “cat scan” — are enhanced means of looking inside someone without invasive and painful surgery. Though the machines and their techniques have been used for many years now, what took several minutes to do in years gone by now often takes only seconds. Moreover, the ability of the machines to detect problems has also advanced.

“A CT is a virtual surgery,” Steven Miles, M.D., said. “The technology has evolved by leaps and bounds.”

Radiology Associates opened its new branch at Halifax Health in Deltona in February, but the grand opening took place May 6. Radiology Associates has a capital investment of approximately $25 million in its new center in Deltona, according to Siragusa.


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