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Editor, The Beacon:

I remember back in the ’50s an episode of the TV show The Twilight Zone with Rod Serling.

It was about a family, Mom and Dad and their soon-to-be-teenage son in junior high.

The kid was pretty smart and kept getting A’s for his work; no one else in his classes seemed to know anything.

The kid’s parents tried to tell him that he didn’t have to be too smart; just let a lot of questions go unanswered. 

They seemed worried and tried to tell the boy that he didn’t have to be the smartest in the classroom. But the boy worked hard and was very proud of himself.

Then one day, while the boy was in school, a box came to the door of his home. It contained his belongings. 

The boy was gone, never to be seen again …

The elites (Washington Deep Swamp) were not going to let anybody be smarter than them.

“You all” fell in line or you were taken out. Sounds familiar with what’s going on today, the dumbing down of our youth and America.

Think about it; use your head for something other than a hatrack.

God save America. Sign me: the old veteran who proudly served his country.

S.F. Spiconardi



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