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Road resurfacing will begin next week on several thoroughfares in the city.

P&S Paving will begin the street resurfacing in the city on June 8. The streets that will be resurfaced are:

  • West Howry Avenue – Between South Clara Avenue and S Delaware Avenue
  • West Volusia Avenue – Between South Woodland Boulevard and South Parsons Avenue
  • South Palmetto Avenue – Between West Winnemissett Avenue and West Volusia Avenue
  • South Boston Avenue – Between East Beresford Avenue and East New York Avenue
  • Crescent Parkway – Between North McDonald Avenue and North Hill Avenue
  • North Stone Street – Between West Plymouth Avenue and West Minnesota Avenue
  • North Delaware Avenue – Between West Rich Avenue and West Michigan Avenue

Every effort will be taken to make sure roads are clear to traffic and available to residents during this time.

We will attempt to keep residents informed of our progress on this project.  Please direct questions regarding the paving project to Interim Deputy Public Works Director Ray Underwood at 386-626-7183 or Underwoodr@deland.org


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