Marcus Figueroa
Marcus Figueroa

Marcus A. Figueroa was born and raised in Central Florida and moved to DeLand with his family in 2018. After graduating from the University of Central Florida with a degree in criminal justice, he decided to apply to become a naval officer, and was accepted.

“The officer programs are really hard to get into, especially not coming through the service or going to the Naval Academy,” said his mother, Michele Martinez. “But he applied, and his application went before a board, and he was selected.”

After graduating from Officer Candidate School in Rhode Island, Figueroa was stationed in Pensacola. He is currently going through the pilot program to become a naval aviator.

“The biggest lesson that I’ve learned so far is to never underestimate your abilities,” Figueroa said. “Coming from a small town, I didn’t really know any naval aviators, and didn’t think I had what it took to go to naval pilot training, but out of hundreds of people I was selected.”

He recommends joining the service to anyone who feels a calling to serve. “The point of serving is to serve, and that’s always been my calling,” Figueroa said.


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