Editor, The Beacon:

The buildings were built on sand in Surfside. Jesus in a parable stated not to build on sand but on rock.

The building collapsed because of lack of maintenance; the review of 2018 showed just how bad the deterioration was, going back years. The owners of the building were responsible for what happened there. They are responsible.

Eventually all the debris will be removed, at a cost probably in the billions over a long period of time. Years?

When we had the destruction in New York City resulting from the 9/11 attacks, the debris was placed on barges and taken about 50 miles out in the ocean to a location acceptable to the U.S. government.

The cost in the Surfside disaster will be in the millions or more. More bodies will be found, but some may never be found. How much money will be spent to find bodies when we cannot find U.S. soldiers who are killed?

The owners of the building have many other assets that could be taken to pay for this work — other buildings, cars, businesses, antiques, paintings, etc. I don’t want my money or more debt to pay for this.

Viggo Laumark



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