Editor, The Beacon:

Stop the madness! Why do we want to put more dwelling units on top of our leaking trash? We all knew that secondary use for landfills would be tricky. But this was not a managed, developed landfill; it was a dump.

Those over 40 years old know what that means! Dad would load the huge trunk of our Buick Riviera with trash and other items like paint cans, motor oil, and other toxic materials that would not burn in our burn barrels and make a special adventure for us kids to go to the dump!

He would let us take the stuff out of the car and see how far we could throw it. Then get back in the car and get out of there because the flies and smells were making our eyes tear.

So now we want to build as many houses as possible on top of all our fun?

Now that we know better, we should do better. Please, now it is time for responsibility and leadership.

Buz Nesbit



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