GRAPHIC COURTESY CITY OF ORANGE CITY LIBERTY STATION — Pictured are design plans for Liberty Station, a 50-acre housing development situated along Veteran's Memorial Parkway, East Grave Avenue and South Kentucky Avenue in Orange City. The development will bring a total of 170 new homes to Orange City, including 98 single-family homes on 40-foot-wide lots and 72 town homes.

A residential development with a patriotic name may take shape near a well-traveled intersection.

The Orange City Council Sept. 28 approved the preliminary plat for Liberty Station. Some of the groundwork — meaning infrastructure such as the neighborhood streets and water and sewer lines — may begin soon.

“By the end of the year,” Mark Watts replied, when asked how quickly the initial stage of the subdivision may start.

Watts is the attorney for Elevation OC LLC, the developer of Liberty Station.

The first homes in the neighborhood may be constructed in the latter part of 2022, he said.

Liberty Station will grace 50 acres east of Veterans Memorial Parkway and south of East Graves Avenue. When completed, Liberty Station will add 100 single-family homes and 70 town houses to the inventory of a local real estate market that shows no sign of softening. Like other new subdivisions in the area, Liberty Station will be carved into relatively smaller home lots. The typical size of the lots is about 40 feet wide and 100 feet long.

In addition to the new homes, Liberty Station will leave 47 percent of the parcel for open space. 

Before the city issues a development order, Elevation OC must determine if any threatened or endangered species are on the tract. If any gopher tortoises are found, they must be relocated “in accordance with” a permit to be issued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

To secure the Orange City Council’s blessing, the developer had to agree to realign and pave Massachusetts Avenue, a road that exists on paper on the south side of the property. Elevation OC must also pay $525,335 in “proportionate fair share” to Volusia County for the additional traffic that future residents of Liberty Station will put on the local thoroughfares, especially Veterans Memorial Parkway. The new neighborhood, when fully built out, will generate an average of approximately 1,520 vehicle trips per day, according to planners.

The proportionate share does not include the impact fees for roads — and other capital items such as schools, water and sewer systems, parks, and police and fire departments — that must be paid when each home is built.

Access into and out of Liberty Station will be from Veterans Memorial Parkway, East Graves Avenue and Kentucky Avenue. Kentucky Avenue is a substandard private road that Orange City officials plan to improve by creating a special-assessment district. Property owners with frontage on the roadway will pay special charges each year, in conjunction with their ad valorem taxes, to cover the costs of repairing and maintaining the road.


  1. When will they start building the new homes & Townhomes on Liberty Station on Orange City ? Interested in purchasing either one depending on the prize.


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