Editor, The Beacon:

I want to ask one thing of you in the militant vaccine “army” who are guilt-shaming those who don’t want to be vaccinated.

When you start advocating the firing of firefighters, police officers, nurses and doctors for not being vaccinated, what is your rationale for that infringement on those people’s rights? How do those you purport to represent (including yourself) benefit?

Do these wonderful people, most of whom serve us for less compensation than they deserve, save more people by walking around with a mask, a vaccination card and no job? I ask questions I already know the answer to. It’s a character flaw.

Friends, it’s time to back off on the “mandates” and guilt-shaming. And I don’t care if you hate our governor. What you really “hate” is the right of others in your community to opt out.

You think the “pandemic” suspends their right and empowers your righteous anger. Get over yourself.

When you start screwing with first responders and those who save lives every day they go to work, aren’t you killing more people by firing and punishing them?

Life-threatening situations are real, and I’d forward that these heroes save many more people in their work than they endanger in your perceived scenario they create by being unvaccinated.

Those people you advocate for by forcing all to be vaccinated might not even exist. The person dying at a car accident or in an emergency room with a life-threatening emergency deserves a fully staffed team. Your hysteria jeopardizes those people’s lives.

First responders and health care professionals losing their jobs is indefensible and, frankly, insane.

Orange County has decided a “note in their jacket” is sufficient. Their petty tyrants figured out the zero-sum game. People dying because of staffing problems will sit firmly in their political laps. And it should.

I might have been vaccinated. I might not have been. The fact that there’s a public record ignores my doctor/patient rights. Your business doesn’t include knowing whether I’ve been vaccinated. And firing those who save lives every day because they are not vaccinated is simply political. Don’t ignore that.

If you want to save more lives, get off their backs and mind your business. And don’t get me started about children and how we’ve failed them. You should research the number of children who have killed themselves and the number who have died from COVID-19. You might not like what you learn.

David S. Rauschenberger

Orange City


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