Volusia County sheriff’s deputies paid a visit the evening of Oct. 3 to a Deltona-area house shared by several roommates. One of the male roommates told the lawmen about an incident that had transpired that evening between him and a female roommate who have separate rooms but share a common area.

He said Female Room -mate had been “intoxicated after consuming several alcoholic beverages,” and that she claimed that Male Roommate’s girlfriend had been having an affair with her boyfriend.

Female Roommate got in Male Roommate’s face and other people who live in the house tried to hold Female Roommate back, but she “intentionally dumped a clear fluid onto the shirt and body of [Male Roommate] from what appeared to be … an alcoholic beverage.” shouted at him. Some of the

Male Roommate told deputies he wanted to pursue criminal charges.

When asked for her side of things, Female Roommate said “she was upset [Male Roommate’s] girlfriend was having an affair with her boyfriend … [and she] admitted to dumping the drink onto [Male Roommate] due to her being angry at [him] and his girlfriend.”

Another Male Roommate said he saw Female Roommate shouting at First Male Roommate and that “when he attempted to separate [Female Roommate] from [First Male Roommate] he noticed the drink in [Female Roommate’s] hand that she dumped on both him and [First Male Roommate].”

Doesn’t this sound like a great idea for a reality TV show? You know, a whole bunch of people living together in a house and all their interesting fights and possible romances and other interactions? What do you mean it’s been done before?!

Any way, First Male Roommate had the foresight to record Female Roommate’s behavior on his cellphone camera. Based on the footage and on Female Roommate’s own admission about what she did, she was arrested on a charge of battery.

However, a criminal-records check didn’t show Female Roommate ever having been convicted of battery. Therefore, unlike Ex-Girlfriend above who was charged with felony battery because of her previous convictions, Female Roommate was only charged with misdemeanor battery. So she’s got a chance not to screw up again. Watch this space …

— By Keith Allen, based on local police-agency reports. If you have information about a crime, call Crime Stoppers, 1-888-277- TIPS. You could be eligible for a reward.


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