PHOTO COURTESY CITY OF DELAND LOOKING FOR INFO — This photograph was located “in the last several days,” per the City of DeLand, on Howry Avenue just off of Woodland Boulevard in Downtown DeLand. The City of DeLand doesn’t have much information about the photo, but is looking for the photo’s owner.

The City of DeLand is looking for the owner of an old photo that turned up recently on Howry Avenue in Downtown DeLand.

Walking down Howry Avenue, a DeLandite — who wished to remain anonymous — identified an old photograph of three young women on the sidewalk near Buddha Bowls, 117 W. Howry Ave.

The photo is torn, but one identifiable feature is partially visible, as identified by one astute commentary on the City of DeLand’s Facebook page: the name Maurice Seymour. Maurice Seymour was a Chicago-based photography studio active in the mid-1900s named for brothers Maurice and Seymour Zeldman

Commenter Susan Salveson noticed the name on the photo and did a few searches in hopes of contributing to solving the photo’s mystery.

With no additional information to share, DeLand Public Information Specialist Chris Graham said the city is hoping to locate the photo’s owner to properly tell its story.

If you have any information about the photo, contact City of DeLand Assistant City Manager Mike Grebosz, 386-626-7110. 


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