PHOTO COURTESY SPECTRE POWERBOATS RIDE LIKE THE WIND — Spectre Powerboats. a designer and manufacturer of speedboats like these, has relocated to DeLand from central Ohio

Spectre Powerboats, a high-performance pleasure-boat design-and-manufacturing company, has relocated to DeLand from central Ohio. Spectre is currently configuring a 26,000-square-foot facility on the DeLand Municipal Airport, and hopes to commence operations before year’s end.

“We are excited to be in Florida, in closer proximity to 85 percent of our customers,” said company President Todd Lamb in a news release from Team Volusia Economic Development Corp. “And we are especially pleased to have landed in the DeLand area in Volusia County. The area offers an exceptional quality of life and a great business climate.”

Lamb is a veteran of boat manufacturing and racing. He began in 1992 at the age of 18, building small race boats out of parts from crashed boats.

“I could not afford to build new-from-new, so I built new boats from recycled and discarded boats. I kind of snuck into the industry,” he said in the release.

Lamb has long had a fascination with speed and performance. He has turned this passion into a lifelong career of designing and building boats.

Lamb navigated his way through a pandemic crisis that hit Spectre hard in several ways, and reaffirmed his longtime desire to relocate to Florida.

Spectre expects to open with a staff of 15, which likely will grow to 20 within a few months. The average annual wage for its staff will be $40,000, totaling an annual payroll of $1.6 million. Configuring their plant is requiring another roughly $3 million.

“The addition of Spectre Powerboats to our corporate roster . . . underscores DeLand’s role as a host for sports-related activities,” Nick Conte, economic development manager for the City of DeLand, said in the news release.

Conte told The Beacon that Lamb and his family have already moved to DeLand. Karen Lamb also works for Spectre Powerboats, and a teenage daughter is already enrolled at DeLand High School.

”They’ve been looking at Volusia County for several years, and liked the possibility of living in DeLand,” Conte said. “They fell in love with the community 30-plus months ago.”

In addition to the quality of life and pro-business climate he has found in Volusia County, Lamb is pleased with the central location — near the convergence of Interstate 95 and Interstate 4, the crossroads of Central Florida. Nearby lakes provide space for product testing.

He also cited the proximity of DeLand to Florida’s High Tech Corridor, a hotbed of manufacturing, research, development and innovation.

“We welcome Spectre Powerboats to our community and our growing roster of marine manufacturers,” said Volusia County Manager George Recktenwald. “Spectre’s move to Volusia County is another indication that this is a great place to do business.”

Lamb said Team Volusia was instrumental in the site-search process, and made introductions to local partners who could provide services and support to Spectre.

“Their counsel and assistance helped us in making many important decisions in a timely manner, keeping our relocation on schedule,” he said in the news release.


  1. *** ADMINS – PLEASE READ ***

    Spectre and Todd & Karen Lamb Fraud Alert.

    I am making this post (again) to raise critical awareness to our powerboat community regarding the repeat criminal and fraudulent business practices of Spectre and Todd/Karen Lamb. I am there latest victim. I would ask that you consider the facts and PUBLIC RECORDS below, before removing this post. I am not a disgruntled customer who is merely “bashing” someone. I am now the latest victim who is shining a bright light on the PUBLIC RECORDS and repeat background of Spectre and Todd/Karen Lamb…so that others don’t get defrauded like I and others have. THIS IS FOR THE GOOD OF OUR COMMUNITY, which one would assume these forums/groups are all about!

    Please see below the Spectre and Todd/Karen Lamb Public records that many may be unaware of. For those considering doing business, I would strongly encourage you to do you own research and check out these PUBLIC RECORDS links below which highlight what the courts have to say about Spectre & Todd/Karen Lamb practices as well as the size and scale of the schemes. They are hundreds of thousands of dollars each.

    Todd Lamb Pleads Guilty to FBI Crime bust –
    Spectre guilty judgement for over $200+k(Ohio 2021) Do record search for Spectre-
    Another Spectre guilty judgement for over $200+k(Ohio 2022) Do record search for Spectre–
    Over 10+ civil complaints against Todd Lamb –Do Record search for Todd Lamb
    Now I have been taken for over $270K as Spectre has moved operations to Florida. I am in the process of filing criminal testimony with Florida states attorney and the Feds on Spectre & Todd/Karen Lamb Schemes.
    I have also left out the numerous other individuals who have reached out to me who have also been defrauded by Todd and Karen Lamb who did not end up going through the courts due to the costs (which Todd and Karen count on).

    Their scheme is simple. Spectre take payments on a new boat and begin build process. When the boat is nearly 75% complete, they fabricate a reason that you now owe them more money than agreed to in buyers order, and hold your boat hostage. Later, while you are dragging them through the courts, they sell your boat/hull/motors/trailer to another unsuspecting individual, pocket the proceeds….and effectively getting paid twice on the same asset. Disgusting.

    I am raising awareness on this here because these forums are supposed to be about sharing information and helping one another. This is not bashing nor disparaging. Just shining a light on criminal and civil history, court ordered judgements against Spectre & Todd/Karen Lamb…ALL WHICH ARE PUBLIC RECORDS.

    If the ADMINS feel this post is somehow offensive, poorly worded or mere bashing, then I suppose it’s your call to take it down or not. I would however encourage you to not fall prey to Spectre/Todd/Karen idle threats that a post like this needs to be removed. They do not. If I haven’t echoed enough, these are PUBLIC RECORDS. I only wish I would have been made aware this information prior myself…and someone would have made a post similar to this.



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